Color Texture Form

Signature of Tamara Anna Pawlak

“I enter a painting free of expectation and allow the gift to present itself to me. The flow of creativity and the ability to express each new moment, each new breath, is the artwork—is that gift."

Color, Texture, Form

In art, I work with these three principles as vehicles to extract from within.

My art process is tactile and mood driven. Color creates the initial interest and sets the tone. I work by layering colors and scratch fiercely with brushes, scrape with palette knives, I use my fingertips to grate, the sides of my palms to blend—and in this process, texture is born. Some parts of the painting smooth and blended, other parts rough and eroding.  The larger the surface, the better. If possible, I would dive my whole body into the creation.

When I feel intuitively that the process has reached cohesion, I explore form. Has a face or body emerged in the color and texture? Or maybe the form isn't human, but of nature—erosion in metal, an aerial landscape that begs to be untouched.  If the form invites me, I use a mixture of color and texture—at times an outline of lead—to extract it from the background.

I’ve lived in California, Alaska, and currently reside in the Pacific Northwest, where I explore the creative process with both art and writing.

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